U.S. Patent for Interactivity Creation and Customization

Patent | Vikas Joshi
September 4, 2017

A system and a method for the creation and customization of interactivity are described. An interactivity builder is provided that includes a Interaction Model Selector Module, an interactivity editor, and an Interaction Model Library comprising Interaction Models. An interaction model selector is also provided that accesses to the available Interaction Models. A user is allowed to select an Interaction Model from the Interaction Model Library through the Interaction Model Selector and the Interaction Model Selector accepts the user-selected interaction model and copies it to create an interactivity that can be any time modified by the interactivity editor according to input received from the user. Interactivity thus created can be used in training modules. The invention could also be used equally well in other applications, such as, for instance, websites, presentations, electronic documents, online advertising, e-commerce and more such applications. (29 Claims, 10 Drawing sheets)

Link: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7917839.pdf