Three Sure Ways to Kill Innovation

Vikas Joshi
January 10, 2011

Slides from the Harbinger presentation at Innovations 2011, a premier event showcasing technology innovations in India, conducted by IIT Bombay Alumni Association.


Sometimes stating the negative is a great way of clarifying the positive. Therefore, instead of worrying about how to encourage innovation, let us talk about...


We are going to learn this in three easy steps. Ready? Let's go. Step one is...


Children carry little baggage of pre-conceived notions. They are open, curious, and prone to ask the question "why not?", which incidentally is the key phrase in innovation. Once you stop acting like a child, you have embarked on the path to kill innovation. Now you are ready for step 2, which is...


When Leonardo Da Vinci designed the ornithopter shown here, the materials required for building one were centuries away from being available. He dreamed ahead. When you stop dreaming, you are well on your way to thwart innovation. Now on to step 3...


Innovation is a hero-journey and the biggest devil of self-doubt is within us. Instead of slaying it, be its advocate, join other devil's advocates surrounding you and start doubting the merit of each innovative idea. Find out everything that could go wrong with it. Now, you have effectively killed the idea.

That's it, folks. Follow these these three simple steps...


Innovation and marketing together go a long way in building the right company. Innovative entrepreneurship thrives in a company where diversity and customer centricity are key values.


Our best wishes for Innovations 2011 and congratulations to all the innovators.