Harbinger Group Alumni Networker

February 5, 2015

I had the privilege to welcome a networking dinner for alumni and managers at Harbinger Group earlier this month. The place where this meet-up occurred was the lawns of YASHADA, a prestigious administrative training institute for government officers. Interestingly, I lived in a house right there on the campus a quarter century back, and so, it was the birthplace of Harbinger Group as well.

Harbinger Alumni Meet 2015

As alumni started streaming in to join their hosts, conversation flowed and old memories of working together were rekindled. I have often wondered what it means to people to be Harbinger alum. Without any direct experience, of course, I offer these hypotheses:

  1. First and foremost, it is a shared experience: a place and time in our youth. For many people, Harbinger was a time during their formative years, when they lived and worked with intensity, made their mistakes, and learned a lot.
  2. It also means a commitment to certain professional values: strong business ethics, customer-centricity, continuous learning,  gender diversity, and innovation. Harbinger was a place that shaped many of us, honing our professional skills, workplace behaviors and ethical values.

One of the alums summed this up well: I owe my professional career to this company. Another one said, it is such a wonderful idea to bring alums together! And then, as has happened many times before, others chimed in: why did we not do this before?

See you at a future event. Stay tuned.