Dr. Vikas Addresses Rotary Club of Pune, India

Event | Rotary Club, Pune, India
April 4, 2019

April 3, 2019

Rotary Club of Pune Riverside invited Vikas Joshi for addressing Rotarians at their membership meeting, where he spoke about the Five Mantras for Learning and Renewal.

“When we complain of monotony or boredom in our professional or personal lives, it is usually a sign that we are not learning new things. This happens not because learning opportunities don’t exist, but because we miss them,” Vikas said during his talk. Vikas then shared several stories from his life and invited participants to draw out the underlying mantras: openness to serendipitous learning, gaining insights through reflection on events, learning from younger people, learning as participation, and shaping oneself according to the situation. He assured the participants that with these mantras, they can be sure not to miss learning and enjoy renewal.

Rotary Club of Pune Riverside is a 30-year-old breakfast club in India with members who come from various fields such as entrepreneurship, education, accounting, business, industry, export, etc.