About Lyon

Vikas Joshi
October 31, 2010

Lyon, located on the eastern side of France, is known to be the absolute epitome of gastronomical France! I can't wait to sample its outstanding cuisine featuring tasty local specialties. As I check out the map of Lyon on Google, it seems to be a city situated between two rivers. Our hotel overlooks one of them. I am looking forward to enjoying the riverside walks, historic sites, cobbled streets lined by medieval buildings and green areas.

Some of the city attractions include the 12th century Cathédrale St. Jean with an astronomical clock, the hilltop amphitheater, the institute of cinematography, silk museum and fine art museum. I hope to catch up on a few if not all of them.

Last but not the least, I look forward to visiting and interacting with the faculty of  the EMLYON Business School, founded in 1872 and regarded as one of the best B-schools in France. Run with the motto of educating entrepreneurs of the world, the b-school focuses on three key themes: globalization, entrepreneurship and technology.