A Recent Story of Innovation

Vikas Joshi
March 21, 2009

How does an innovation come about?

My blog post titled Where Did YawnBuster Come From? describes the experience of coming up with a innovative new product that takes boredom out of presentations. This post is in my blog on interactive learning.

Innovations can have different origins. This one began with a genuine market need - that of making presentations less boring - and articulated the need in terms of a new product concept waiting to manifest itself.

The concept then morphs into use-cases, which compellingly demonstrate that it addresses the problem effectively, in certain circumstances.

Next, the concept needs an implementation that is realistic and feasible. So the blog post illustrates how we went about verifying this.

Once feasibility is established, we are one step further along. Now the focus is on the context of this new product, its core value proposition, its target market and a messaging that can be captured in a catchy name.

For someone interested in innovation, this post will make good reading from that perspective.